Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello Again

Many years go by, I stop at this Room 138 again. I want to say hello to who still reach our site. I'm sory for miss all your comments, although, there is more spam :)

Here are the photos that I took. It was rain season. Sure, it was the scene in Thailand, some place in Ching Mai.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Easy Slide Show # 1

Hi all!

Many of you may need some of picture slide to show your images, some get the code from ready slide show in web service. Here is a easy code for who want to create and decorate it by yourself.


Code Explanation

  • [marquee]....[/marquee] : the HTML code to show some words or image by sliding
  • onmouseover="stop();" onmouseout="start();" : script to make words or images stop when you put your mouse curser over it and continue sliding when mouse out.
  • direction="right" : direction of sliding, it can be "left", "right", "up" or "down".
  • behavior="alternate" : the appearance of slide, there are 3 type, "alternate", "slide" and "continuous".
  • [img src="address of image"]: to show the pictures, each code for each image. You can use any words instead of images just put your text replace this code.


  1. please use <> replace [ and ] in the real html element.

Enjoy ♡

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Untimate Stick Man (Fighting Game)

Hi All,

So long that I left this ROOM, cause from many things to do. I give you the game to apologize for that. For who, contact us as making link exchange, I'm sorry that I have no time to manage it. By the way, I'll contact you as soon as I am ready.
Now let play the game!


Good luck ♥ ~